Thursday, 14 March 2019

How E-books Are Changing The Classrooms?

A decade back the classrooms had a completely different look. There was one teacher with a white or blackboard and many students each with a book in hand. Today, the class has a very different picture. The digital shift has transformed the way education is given to a child.  Every room in a school has a projector and a screen for video lectures. The students have iPads and Kindles to access eBooks. Tests are not taken on using pen and paper but through internet and gadgets. This shift is partly thanks to technology and partly due to the next generation.


The kids of today are more comfortable with unconventional means of learning. They understand better when traditional methods of teaching are augmented with modern tools, i.e., when they have access to books, notes, and material on their screens. Ergo, the current classroom is changing, slowly but steadily, to a place that is no more limited to one teacher, one book and one board. Education, we can say, has reached a tipping point, a junction where fantastic opportunities can be reaped and benefits availed.


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